NADOWLI: NHIS hits over 96% registration in Nadowli

The Nadowli District Health Insurance Scheme in the Upper West Region had as at August 31, 2010 registered 94,782 subscibers representing 96.81 per cent of the projected population of the district. Of the number, 50922, were under 18 years, while the informal sector workers were 28,557 with 2,449 and 962 representing Social Security and National Insurance Trust respectively. Pregnant women registered under the scheme were 1,282 with those above 70 years being 7,642 while 2,968 registered as indigenes. The District Chief Executive for Nadowli, Mr. Abu Dansangbata announced these at the fourth general meeting of the assembly. Mr. Kansagbata said the scheme processed and distributed 24, 180 National Health Insurance photo identification cards, which could be used in any part of the country. He said the Scheme received GH¢ 738,689.07 from the National Health Insurance Authority and GH¢ 968,148.27 to service providers. The DCE urged the Assembly Members to encourage their community members to renew their registration when their identity cards expire to enable them to acess quality health care. PF


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